I take deposits of $500 to be added to the waitlist and selections start at 8 weeks of age. To join the waitlist visit Contact Us.

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  • Every pet kitten is $3000 (+ sales tax) regardless of color or gender.
  • Every Show/Alter is 3500 (+sales tax) regardless of color or gender.
  • Every Breeder is $5000 (+sales tax) regardless of color or gender.


What Qualifies as Show or Breeder Quality?

 Visit What to Expect page for more info. We only sell breeders to registered & ethical catteries.

What’s Included?

Our cats are on a 100% Raw Diet.

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Please review health guarantee here. 

We encourage all our adopters to leave a review and post up dates of their baby on our Facebook page. 

Your purchase includes:

  • 3 Year Health Warranty
  • Veterinary exam 
  • Spayed/neutered (no exceptions!)
  • Current on appropriate vaccinations, & dewormed
  • Blanket and/or familiar toy with litters’ and mom’s scent
  • Microchip
  • Copy CFA Parent’s Pedigree
  • Copy of parent’s genetic testing
  • Empowered Breeder Reports for your individual kitten
  • Lifetime support from breeder and a community of Ragalicious Ragdoll families

*This list does not hold cash value. While we try our best to make sure your kitten goes home with everyone of these items, life gets in the way! Thank you for being understanding.*

Temperament Testing

Each kitten is given an temperament evaluation rating their personality under a variety of circumstances. This allows us as breeders to accurately identify your kitten’s traits. By paying close attention this outcome of the test we work with our families to find the best match for your home and desired temperament.

By offering kitten evaluations we help take the guess work out of picking the right kitten for your personality and lifestyle. Since not every kitten is exactly the same, this tool helps us make sure the kitten you chose is best for you. This sets up both kitten and family for a beautiful, life-long partnership to heal hearts and change lives.

We walk away knowing each kitten gets the right family, and each family gets the right kitten.

Temperament Traits Assessed in Kitten Evaluations

Stable Traits (Rated Low, Med, & High)

  • confidence (human)
  • handleability
  • energy level
  • playfulness
  • human focus
  • tenderheartedness

Adjustable Traits (Rated Low, Med & High)

  • confidence with strangers
  • nerve strength / resiliency
  • touch tolerance
  • sound sensitivity
  • location adjustability

Interested In A kitten?

You can reach out to us via email or text/call. Please share about your family and what temperament you are looking for in your kitten.

Call/text: (925)-597-7394 or Email me at or follow me on Facebook & Instagram