Maszko Mimi

10.5 lbs DOB: 05/10/2020 CFA Reg.

Mimi is blue bicolor traditional. She is a very laid back girl, by far our most cuddliest kitty. She adores anyone who gives her attention and she likes to talk. Mimi is very affectionate and over all a wonderful example of the Ragdoll breed. Her kittens are sure to take after her sweet demeanor.

Mimi’s Base Paws Genetic Testing

Maszko Prada

14lbs DOB: 03/22/2020 CFA Reg.

Prada is a blue bicolor traditional. She is our resident queen bee. She has a regal presence and she makes the best cuddle buddy. She lets anyone hold her and comfortable with all our house guests. She has a gorgeous fluffy coat with minimal shedding and a gentle disposition. Her babies are knockouts! They have the looks and super duper cuddly personality to match.


Prada Base Paws Genetic Testing

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10.5lbs DOB: 05/06/2021

Arya is a total lovebug. She wants nothing more than to snuggle and loves everybody. She is fluffy & gorgeous and sweet as pie! Arya can do no wrong. She has a playful side as well, just like a kitten. She purrs while our puppies lick her and jump on her. She has a special place in all our hearts. She is never afraid of anything and ADORES people. Her kittens take after her so much!

Arya’s Genetic Testing


Codfish Ivy

14lbs Dob 06/16/2021

Ivy is the epitome of friendly and cuddly like a teddy bear kitty. She is a delightful and comforting companion ragdoll. She love’s everybody and isn’t phased one bit if a puppy is madly licking her or a child wants to ‘dance’ with her. She is so easy going and purr-crazy! We adore her and her chunky self.


Codfish Stella Blue

10lbs DOB 09/12/2021

Stella is an amazing up and coming blue bicolor. She loves everyone she meets and so outgoing. She absolutely steals your heart away. The judges LOVED her! She has gorgeous big dark blue eyes and the plushiest bunny fur. We are so excited to see how she blossoms.

Stella Genetic Testing

Maszko Cleo

9.5lbs Born 10/11/202

One of our most spicy girls! Cleo loves to play with her toys and the other cats. With her beautiful face she’s hard not to absolutely adore. If you say hi to her she will never fail to say hi back.

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