Beatris La Mia Fortuna Olivia

9.06 lbs DOB: 09/26/2020 CFA Reg.

Olivia is a stunning seal lynx bicolor with an absolutely plush coat and beautiful conformation. She has a gentle temperament and prefers to be napping on our bed or following us around the house. She reminds us of a puffy cloud! Kittens out of Olivia will be truly beautiful.

Maszko Snow

11.25lbs DOB: 07/08/2020 CFA Reg.

Snow is a blue bicolor traditional. She is incredibly playful and so smart. She is curious about everything and very brave. She has a beautiful plush coat and a darling face set. She has a beautiful face set and minimal shedding. She is one of larger females and very outgoing. Snows personality brings us many laughs and I hope her kittens get her amazing personality.

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Maszko Mimi

11 lbs DOB: 05/10/2020 CFA Reg.

Mimi is blue bicolor traditional. She is a very laid back girl, by far our most cuddliest kitty. She adores anyone who gives her attention and she likes to talk. Mimi is very affectionate and over all a wonderful example of the Ragdoll breed. Her kittens are sure to take after her sweet demeanor.

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Maszko Prada

10.8lbs DOB: 03/22/2020 CFA Reg.

Prada is a blue bicolor traditional. She is our resident queen bee. She has a regal presence and she makes the best cuddle buddy. She lets anyone hold her and comfortable with all our house guests. She has a gorgeous fluffy coat with minimal shedding and a gentle disposition. We cannot wait for her babies, they are sure to be knockouts!

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Maszko Elizabeth

10lbs DOB: 12/25/2020 CFA Reg.

Elizabeth is a blue lynx bicolor traditional. My favorite thing about her is her big deep ocean blue eyes. In the winter she has an elegant Maine which makes her a show stopper. She is by far the most tender character and everyone who meets her immediately falls in love. Her kittens would make an amazing addition to any home or breeding program looking for the ideal ragdoll temperament.

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Codfish Stella Blue

7lbs DOB

Stella is an amazing up and coming blue bicolor. She loves everyone she meets and so outgoing. She absolutely steals your heart away. The judges LOVED her! She has gorgeous big dark blue eyes and the plushiest bunny fur. We are so excited to see how she blossoms.