Congratulations on your new kitty! I have linked numerous items that I use for my cattery. They are in order of favorability.

Ragalicious Ragdolls feeds two types of Dry Food: Hill’s Science Diet & Diamond Natural kitten food.

We feed a variety of Wet Food including:, Tikicat, Royal Canin, Nulo, Wellness

Grooming Supplies: Comb, Detangling Comb, Whitening Shampoo, Sensitive Cat Shampoo, Pet Dryer

Always Use Unscented and Dust-free cat litter: Worlds best, Dr. Elseys

Litter Box: Litter Robot 3-Connect, PetKit Litter Robot, Regular Enclosed Litter Box

Favorite Litter Scooper

Water Fountains: Petnf, Homerunpet, Stainless Steel

Toys: Fishing Line

Supplements (optional): Solid Gold, Taurine, Probiotic Powder, TheraCoat, Bone Meal, Nutritional Yeast

Immune Support (optional) : Lysine, Nurtivet, Cod Liver, Colloidal Silver, Vitamin C