Congratulations on your new kitty! I have linked numerous items that I use for my cattery. They are in order of favorability.

Ragalicious Ragdolls is a 100% RAW Fed Cattery. Click here for information on RAW Diet.

Ragalicious Ragdolls recommends Life’s abundance all life stages cat food.

Want to know what food your pet is allergic too? Take a test!: Food Allergy Test

We feed a variety of Wet Food including: Royal Canin, Nulo, Wellness

Microchip Feeder

Cat Trees: Made4pets, Arlopu, Arlopu 55.5, Annppex,

Grooming Supplies: Comb, Detangling Comb, Whitening Shampoo, Sensitive Cat Shampoo, Pet Dryer

Always Use Unscented and Dust-free cat litter: Worlds best, Dr. Elseys

Litter Box: Litter Robot 3-Connect, PetKit Litter Robot, Regular Enclosed Litter Box

Favorite Litter Scooper

Water Fountains: Petnf, Homerunpet, Stainless Steel

Toys: Fishing Line

Supplements (optional): Solid Gold, Taurine, Probiotic Powder, TheraCoat, Bone Meal, Nutritional Yeast

Immune Support (optional) : Lysine, Nurtivet, Cod Liver, Colloidal Silver, Vitamin C


Interested In A kitten?

You can reach out to us via email or text/call. Please share about your family and what temperament you are looking for in your kitten.

Call/text: (25-597-7394 or Email me at or follow me on Facebook & Instagram.