Prada x Ty Kittens

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Prada x Tiberius Kittens Born 8/2/22


Tyberius is reigning king around here! He is hands down the best male ragdoll we have owned and family members who visit always ask to take him home. He is beloved by everyone he meets, he gives kisses and ‘talks’ to you. He loves to be hugged and cuddled. So far all his kittens come out like little clones of him. He is the ideal chunky teddy bear ragdoll!

Prada is the friendliest purr-sweet cat you could meet. She is guaranteed to be purring the second you walk in the room. In my opinion she is the best kind of cuddler. She will sit next to you (purring) regardless if you’re paying attention to her. She is guaranteed to make friends with a dog, bird or bunny. She has the fluffiest coat and chunky body to match. My young nieces LOVE to carry her around.


  • Girls
  • 1 & 2nd Breeders Pick Girls Reserved
  • Christina
  • Boys
  • 1st Pick Show/Breeder boy Available 
  • 2nd Kathrine
  • 3rd Erica
  • Available

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