What to Expect

What to Prepare

~For a list of products we use visit Supplies. ~Please review sales contract & Health Guarantee. ~We encourage all our adopters to leave a review and post up dates of their baby on our Facebook Page.


I do not require a deposit to be on the waiting list. To join the waitlist visit Contact Us. I start taking deposits at 4-6 weeks of age. You can start reserving your kitten at that time. Every pet kitten is $3000 and every Show/Breeder is $4000.

What to Expect

Just after making a deposit on your kitten, there will still be several weeks before your kitten can go home. They will visit the office 1-2 times before going home. Kittens usually go home around 12-14 weeks. This length of time allows the kitten to become strong and develop adequate social and grooming skills. You’ll want to set up a designated kitten room for the first few weeks when your kitten goes home. You’ll want to order the same brand of Pawtree food (wet/dry) at least for the first year so your health guarantee will stay valid. All of our kittens grow up to learn how to use a litter robot (which we highly recommend), automatic water and food dispenser. You should have your own vet appointment scheduled within the first week of your kitten going home to get acquainted with your vet and do an over all wellness check up under your care. Your kitten will go home with registration and altered. No exceptions for pet homes.

Growth Process

When you purchase a kitten raised by us, you can be assured each mother is well cared for, pampered, has regular vet check ups and fed nutritious high quality food. All kittens are raised in our bedroom. From day 1 till week 12-14 your kitten is being handled daily.

Week 1: Initially begin with short intermissions of petting all areas of the kitten’s body softly (paw pads, belly, tail, around the face).

Week 2: We gradually start to extend the holding & frequency time and continue to expose kittens to various day to day noises.

Week 3: Kittens eyes are now fully open and kittens are more comfortable being held longer. At this time I encourage my nieces and nephews to carry a kitten around the house or while playing on their ipad’s. I extend the duration of holding time.

Week 4: Kittens are now comfortable being held for minutes to hours at a time. I will take a kitten to the backyard with me and allow them to meet the dogs and puppies and carry them around the house with me. They get to experience music, vaccum, kids talking, dogs barking.

Week 5-8: Kittens are exploring and becoming very playful. I now take them to different rooms of the house to explore and encourage cuddling on the bed.

Week 8-12: Kittens are still being held daily, kissed very frequently, interreacting with puppies and dogs I bring into the bedroom. I make sure all kittens have acquired appropriate grooming & litter box habits and are outgoing & ready to adjust to their new homes.