Looking for a beautiful, healthy bicolor ragdoll to add to your home? All Ragalicious Ragdolls are bred for show quality. Parents go through extensive medical and genetic testing, along with socialization and handling daily. Ragalicious Ragdolls strives to breed the best conformation & quality temperament available in America.

Ragalicious Ragdoll Cattery has just moved to Concord, California and is registered with CFA. Our foundation cats are imported from only the best of China show breeders. Our kittens are one of a kind, both in health and beauty.

Are you worthy of a Ragalicious Ragdoll?

What Makes Ragalicious Ragdolls So Special?

We strive to pick only the best temperament in our Queens and Kings. Our cats are bred for show/alter and meet the requirements for CFA. All of our cats are genetically tested for HCM, PKD1 & FeLv/Fiv clear. Our cats are imported from only the best breeders in China. We only breed the CFA standard ragdolls and closely follow requirements for the breed in our program. We feed our cats a high quality raw diet for the best coat and healthy kittens possible. We aim to produce some of the best show quality kittens in California!

We aren’t just any “Breeder”

Our cats are adored and spoiled by everyone in the family and cared for better than the man of the house! We brush our cats teeth, groom every day, and all our kitties have regular check ups at our local vet. All our kittens are handled from day one and exposed to a variety of sights, sounds and smells. They are raised alongside mini aussie puppies and children ages 5-11 years old.

We don’t breed for just a little extra money, our focus is the families that adopt from us. You are guaranteed to become a lifelong member of the Ragalicious family.

Who Are We?

Jordan and Josh, the founders of Ragalicious are a young couple with a love for Ragdolls. Jordan casually bred pet Scottish folds since she was a teenager, but always admired and fell in love with the Ragdoll breed. Years later Jordan met Josh and connected over their love of the breed. Jordan began searching for over 2 years for the best breeders, conformation and temperament. She found that many American breeders lacked the quality she was looking for in her cattery. Jordan connected with many Ragdoll breeders and eventually found two wonderful breeders. She started their cattery in January 2021 and adopted from China Breeder “Selene Ragdolls” & Codfish Cattery. To Josh and Jordan, their cats are not only pets, but beloved family members. They have cat shelves all over the home and incorporated into the bedroom.

Interested In A kitten?

You can reach out to us via email or text/call. Please share about your family and what temperament you are looking for in your kitten.

Call/text: (925) 597-7394 or Email me at ragaliciousragdolls@gmail.com or follow me on Facebook & Instagram.